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August Gardener 2014

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

August is a wonderful, colourful and enjoyable month with summer flowers in their full glory.

Just a few jobs this month to keep on top of things:

Slug and snail damage – look for these pests in lush green foliage and examine dark, cool and moist conditions – they will be there.

Greenhouse – keep floor watered in hot weather, many pests, particularly spider mites hate moist conditions.

Containers dry out quickly – remember to water daily. Group containers together in a shady area to make watering easier if you have a friend or neighbour who will look after your pots and hanging baskets while you are away.

Don’t forget to top-up ponds in hot weather, often forgotten.

Maintain dead-heading, trimming and pruning to keep your garden in good shape and create space. Collect seeds and take semi-ripe cuttings.

Lawns need care, but watering may be a waste of a precious resource as they will quickly recover after a good shower. I always leave grass clippings on my lawn to act as a free mulch, retain moisture and return nutrients to the soil. If required add low nitrogen liquid feed as autumn approaches. This avoids flabby growth in winter. Do take care in using solid lawn fertiliser granules they should always be applied during wet weather conditions, or the lawn will show substantial burn marks.

Enjoy August.


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