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August Gardener 2015

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

August Gardener

Have you prepared for being away from your garden in the hotter weather?

Don’t worry about mowing the lawn if the weather is hot, it will survive better if it is a bit longer, and it will recover in the autumn anyway.

If you have a neighbour who can water your containers while you are away that is great, but if not add some water crystals to the soil in the container and water well. The crystals will create a water retaining gel which gradually releases moisture to your plants.

Group your containers together before you go away it creates a micro climate which helps your plants to share the available moisture.

Pests and diseases are rife in summer, with attacks by aphids on roses and climbers such as honeysuckle and viburnum often becoming victims of distorted leaves.

Slugs and snails do a lot of damage. If you can face it hand pick them, especially after rain. Beer traps work well and hollowed out potatoes, grapefruit or orange halves can act as a good decoy. This can be useful in vegetable gardens.

Ponds should be topped up and lawns can be fed with low nitrogen high potash feeds strengthen roots and stems. Follow carefully the manufacturer’s instructions. Lawns are very tough, and I believe it helps if you leave clippings on the grass.

Deadhead roses and prune ramblers to one or two buds from the main stem. Deadhead annuals and take semi-ripe cuttings just below a leaf joint.

Hedges should be trimmed as should overgrown perennials.

Good plants for August are Sweetpeas, Marguerite, Diorama (Angels Fishing Rod) Amaranthus (Tassel Flower), Salvia, Buddleja, Hydrangea as well as many others.


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