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Tony takes the reader on a personal journey providing a “drone-eyed” view of the complex landscape that comprises the many sciences that underpin gardening.


Commencing with the formation of planet Earth, we are taken on a tour touching on the highlights of plant evolution, the vast use that humans have for plants, through their cultivation and care, and onwards to modern production techniques that are useful here on Earth and for future space travel.


With a relaxed conversational style Tony provides a glimpse of the complex world of plants and our relationship with them, sowing the seeds that hopefully will germinate an interest in the sciences that influence gardening.

Professor Owen Doyle President Chartered Institute of Horticulture  2017 


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Community Garden

Science for the Gardener Powerpoint

Power Point Presentation (55 slides) with detailed accompanying notes. Designed for the amateur gardener and horticultural groups. £9.99


  • Plant Evolution and Groups

  • Plant Naming and Families,

  • Reproduction and Propagation,

  • Growth and Hormones,

  • Soil, Nutrients and Testing for pH,

  • Aqua or Hydroponics,

  • Pests and Diseases,  

  • Adaptation to Weather and Climate Change.

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