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July Gardener 2014

Summer’s here!

Jobs to be done in July:

Hotter conditions invite pests and diseases into the greenhouse. Ensure good ventilation and damp down the greenhouse – spider mite hate moist conditions.

Water supply to containers is a daily requirement especially for hanging baskets. Make your life easier by adding water crystals, it may save the day if you are away for a time unexpectedly. New plants are very vulnerable to drying out and leafy vegetable, fruiting crops, marrows, peas, beans etc all need extra water.

Leave cutting the lawn until the grass gets longer or raise the blades if the weather is very hot to allow the roots some shade.

Trees and large shrubs can also get badly stressed in hot conditions, use all spare (grey) waste water e.g. washing up water as these large plants’ water requirements are easily forgotten. Add high Nitrogen feed to trees and shrubs and particularly to lawns that are performing badly.

Deadhead bedding plants regularly to stimulate further growth or the plant will go to seed. Feed long flowering and late flowering perennials – it will make a difference.

Remove growing tips of tomatoes to promote fruits on top trusses. Harvest fruit, vegetables and herbs; freeze, store or give away surplus produce.

Prune shrubs that have just finished flowering before next year’s buds start forming. This gives you control over valuable space in the garden which as we all know disappears very rapidly in the peak growing season. Try and keep some soil space visible for plants to share light and oxygen. It also makes the flower bed look more presentable.

Enjoy your summer


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