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March Gardner 2014

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

March is the exciting month when we can hopefully get out into the garden and get to work after a long, dark and very wet and windy winter. The clocks go forward at the end of this month, which is a great daylight bonus. Let us not forget our wildlife. Can a nest box be put up as with increasing light levels birds are now desperately seeking that new abode.

At last its time to tidy up the detritus and dead matter from winter. Some pruning can start now, but check first before you start to see what pruning regime plants require. Always be careful before cutting into old wood. I’ve seen some good woody shrubs killed off mistakenly as old wood has not regrown.

Annual seeds can be planted from March onwards, direct into the soil if it is soft. Prepare the soil well and protect seedlings from the usual predators, slugs and birds. Also keep seedlings sheltered from severe storms!! Check ‘To do’ lists in publications and on the RHS website.

Early Spring is at last bringing back the joy of colour after the grey of winter. Bulbs – Narcissus, Iris, Crocus – too many to mention. Also flowering shrubs, Forsythia, Camellia, Prunus blossoms, etc. All bring a warm smile to our faces. If you are itching to buy plants do shop around, especially look on line as there are some very competitive deals, but make it a worthwhile purchase taking into account the cost of postage and packing.

Enjoy March Gardening


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